We want to produce images that will be remembered and passed on for many years to come.  Lively images comes in all forms, some are about a good story, some are well designed, and even some express a passion or just can't be explained.  We wish to explore all sorts of beauty and seize the touching side of all good moments.

Our studio and efficient team of 7 members (5 people and 2 dogs) are located in Mucha, a southern part of Taipei.  Photographer Jamie works with experienced creatives Kai and Danny, and art director JoJo in handling high-end visual tasks. The company dogs Leica and Hasselblad are also loyal team members. And finally Ray, our account director is the key person who takes care of the crew and hold us together.

A 台灣116台北市文山區久康街96號 / No.96 Jioukang St., Wunshan Dist., Taipei City 11649, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

T +886-2-2936-6909